Want to prototype your app or convert your prototype into a scalable cloud product for your business

Convert your excel app to a web app

Growing business need to move off of excel to scale

Only way to handle is to hire more people

Spending too many hours making the same calculations with different data

Not sure what technologies to use

Bootstrapping your startup / Bootstrapping budget

Need a prototype to show investors

Engage in user / beta testing

Prototype your startup idea

Convert your prototype to a scalable cloud solution

Want to support a growing user base

Ready to launch

UX or Design agency could obtain engagements you want if you can support development

Need talent that understands consulting model / billable hours

Business is growing fast you don’t have time to hire

Augment your agency tech team

Augment your department tech team

Project requires tech your team doesn’t know

Staff engineer has left your project has stopped

Business is growing fast you don’t have time to hire

Don’t want to hire for a short term project

Team process relies on too many conversations / emails

Want to support auditing

Want to support reporting

Want to reduce onboarding pains

Automate your department processes

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