Augmenting Your Agency Tech Team

At i6 technology, we understand that UX or Design agencies can obtain engagements they want if they can support development, but it can be challenging to find the right talent or allocate resources to meet your business needs. That’s why we offer expert services to help you augment your tech team with experienced developers who can provide the necessary skills and support to meet your business needs.

Our experienced developers can work seamlessly with your existing team to:

Support development efforts for UX or Design agencies, providing expertise in specific areas such as web app prototyping, cloud development, or modernization of web applications.

Fill skill gaps to enable new project opportunities and support billable hours.

Provide expertise in consulting models to support your business growth.

Reduce the workload of your existing tech team, freeing them up to focus on other high-priority tasks.

Our augmentation services are flexible, efficient, and cost-effective. We work with you to identify the specific skills and resources you need and provide developers who can integrate into your team seamlessly. Our developers have experience in a range of technologies and tools and are up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices.

Our services include:

Assessment: We’ll review your existing tech team and identify areas where augmentation is needed.

Staffing: We’ll provide developers who can work seamlessly with your existing team, integrating into your processes and workflows.

Support: We’ll provide ongoing support to ensure that our developers continue to meet your business needs and are ready for new project opportunities.

By augmenting your tech team with experienced developers, you can reduce the burden on your existing team, improve efficiency, and meet your business needs more effectively. With our help, you can obtain engagements that you want and support your business growth without having to invest time and resources into hiring.

Contact us today to learn more about our augmentation services and how we can help you build a stronger and more effective tech team. With i6 technology, you can take your agency to the next level of success.

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