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Innovative Cloud Development Solutions for Your Business

Transform your business with i6 technology's expert cloud development services.

Azure Cloud Solutions Engineering

Leverage the power of the Microsoft Azure cloud with our expert engineering services. Our team of experienced solutions engineers can help you design, implement, and manage complex cloud-based solutions that meet your unique business requirements, drive growth, and drive innovation in your business .

Web Application Development

We specialize in web application development. Let us help you bring your web application ideas to life. Our experienced developers are skilled in a variety of technologies, including Vue.js, .NET, Google Cloud Service APIs, Azure Cloud Service APIs, ASP.NET, SQL Server, MySQL, Stripe payment processing integration, OCR APIs, and Speech to Text APIs. 

Spreadsheet to Web App Conversion

Leverage our experience in converting spreadsheets to web app apps. Our experienced developers work closely with you to identify areas where automation can be implemented, streamline workflows, integrate systems, and automate manual tasks.

Office Process Automation

Our experienced developers work with you to develop custom automation solutions that streamline operations, enhance productivity, and improve accuracy.

Prototype Upgrades

Our experienced developers leverage the latest technologies and tools to ensure that your product or service can handle increased demand when you start supporting a growing customer base

Public Sector Software Projects

With expertise in government projects, our experienced team of developers use the latest technologies and tools to develop secure and compliant solutions that automate processes, reduce manual errors, and improve productivity.

Software Project Management

Collaborate with us for comprehensive software project management solutions. We help you manage  scope, schedule, and budget, while regularly engaging with senior management, design engineers, stakeholders, vendors, and subcontractors.



At i6 technology, we offer a wide range of technology development services designed to meet the unique needs of your business. Our expert team has years of experience in developing, modernizing, and managing web applications in the cloud. We can help you transform your business with our innovative solutions and expert guidance.

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